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Payroll system

It is one of the human resources system programs in which all eligibility items, deductions and calculation methods are monitored and recorded for each of them.

Advantages of Payroll system :

Managing salaries in the easiest way and in the fastest time.

Determine the salary for the position and / or employee.

Definition of salary constants and variables, whether benefits, deductions or benefits.

Transferring employees' salaries to the bank.

Daily restrictions for all wage operations.

Charging each branch or project with its related cost of wages.

Notifying the employee of monthly salary entitlement.

Electronic archiving of documents.

Liquidation of employee entitlements.

A large number of reports.

Now you can set up the salary path in the easiest way and in the fastest time :

The program calculates the net salary due to the employee from reality :

Employee benefits : Whether fixed (such as basic salary - housing allowance) or variable such as (additional - travel allowance - commissions)

Employee deductions : Whether it is calculated consistently every month (such as taxes and the employee’s share in insurances) or it varies from month to month such as (delays - absence - penalties ...)

Salary Table

You can specify a salary for the job or the employee :

Where the travel allowance can be determined for the employee, for example, based on the work location and the employee’s position, and therefore the travel allowance for the site engineer (A) differs from the travel allowance for the supervisor on the same site, as well as any type of benefit is calculated in the same way.


Definition of salary constants and variables, including benefits, deductions, or benefits :

High flexibility in the creation of various types of benefits, whether it is a fixed value such as the basic salary, or it is calculated automatically based on the achievement of working hours greater than the target, such as the additional As well as deductions, including a fixed value, such as the employee's share of insurances, or calculated automatically based on the employee's delays And benefits such as the company's share in insurance and medical insurance ...

Salary Definition

Transferring employees' salaries to the bank :

Employees ’salaries are automatically transferred to the company's bank account periodically, and in the event that there is more than one branch of the company, the salaries of the employees of each branch are transferred to the branch’s bank account.

Daily restrictions for all wage operations :

It is known that the daily restrictions are the most important financial information that the company as a whole and the financial management need in particular, because it is the basis for preparing the financial statements. Therefore, the program provides the user with automatic daily restrictions resulting from all movements of the wage program, such as salary entitlement, salary disbursement, advance payment or disbursement. Transmission allowance .........


Salary Sticker
Salary Sticker
Salary Sticker

Charging each branch or project with its related cost of wages :

To accurately assess the performance and profitability of each project or branch in the establishment, this requires determining what is related to the project in terms of the cost of wages, because the value of wages, salaries and the like represent relative importance compared to other items of other costs, and therefore the program carries each project or branch With regard to the cost of wages based on the cost of wages and salaries of the employees of the branch or project and the number of days and hours of their service in each branch or project, and thus access to a more accurate Appraisal of the project or branch as a result of charging it at a cost that is calculated and distributed accurately automatically.

Attendance Site

- Charge each department or section with its wages and salaries :

Distributing employee salaries to cost centers in a departmental and divisional manner.

Cost centers at the departmental level

If the management level is chosen, the cost center field in the organization’s structure is mandatory in order for the salary to be distributed to it. Through it, the department can be linked to a cost center for another department.
Example: Quality Department salaries can be linked to the Programming Department cost center so that the Quality Department salaries are charged to the Programming Department salaries.


When certifying salaries, the system automatically creates an accounting entry for each branch (salary entitlement entry), and the entitlements (debit side) are distributed to the cost centers at the departmental level according to the cost center linked to the department assigned to the employee on the day the salary is due.


Notifying the employee of monthly salary entitlement :

Is the salary down or not? A phrase that we will not hear again, as the HR Enterprise system notifies the employee of his salary entitlement periodically to go to the treasury or bank exchange point to disburse his salary, and the employee will not need to return to the human resources department or the wages and salaries department to inquire about the details of his salary from entitlements or deductions. Clarification of the terms of entitlements, deductions and benefits in the notification sent to him.

Salary details

The ability to archive documents :

The papers and files are of great importance to the institutions because they represent proof of operations, especially financial, and due to the huge amount of these papers and files, they cause a lot of inconvenience to the facility and to the employees alike, so the system provides the possibility of electronic archiving of documents, on top of which is proof of the employee’s receipt of his salary with his personal signature, as well as documents. Indicating receipt of bonuses or leave balance, documents indicating liquidation, and so on.


Salary Recipet

Settlement :

In some cases, such as the employee's resignation or his taking a long vacation, we find that the process of counting the employee's entitlements and his obligations is a difficult and time-consuming process due to its attachment to more than one item such as salary, end-of-service bonus, leave balance, advances, and pledges of all kinds, etc. The HR Enterprise system provides the management with an integrated position on the employee's entitlements and obligations, to in turn settle his position before he resigns or leaves.


Multiple reports :

The position of the employee's predecessor.

The possibility of reviewing the employee's salary path or employee salary statement.

A group of cost centers reports showing the cost of wages for a branch, department, or total project.

Insurance report.

Production report.

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