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Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service Mobile App

The HRE mobile application offers an Employee Self Service (ESS) solution that gives your entire workforce instant access to handle the HR tasks and requests your employees need for accurate and efficient operations.

Self-service for the employee from the mobile to submit all employee requests such as:

Leave request

Request your permission

Request to leave a work assignment

Request for transfer expenses

Request travel tickets

Data update request

HR letter request

Complaint registration request

Meeting request

Request an apology for attending a meeting

Custody request

Appeal Request

Shift change request

Client site update request

Request extra time

Advance request

Request to return from leave

Settlement request

The manager can easily, through the mobile, review all the requests to be approved and mark them with approval or rejection :


Through the mobile application, it is possible to view delays, absence and additional employee during the month through the employee’s dash board, and through the manager’s dashboard, he can know everything that happens in the company (the company’s numerical strength - the number of attendance - the number of absences - the number of tasks - the number of breaks - the number of holidays number of vacations):

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