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Permanent/Consumed custody

The administration of your company's professionalism, ease and follow-up from the beginning of its purchase until it is excluded. The HRE program offers you the appropriate and comfortable options, whatever your company's size or activity (schools, commercial companies, contractors, etc..).To register the proceedings of the custodies and present various reports clarifying the situation of individual custody with every action on them.

You can register and follow up on the applications and procedures of the Custody through several stages which is :

  • Inventory and registration of the Custody owned by the company, which shall include :

    Categorization of the custody: Example of Laptop - Cars - Mobile....


    The serial number of the custody: Example / number of the car's chassis or mobile serial number....


    The state of custody (excellent - good - medium - bad).


    Date of purchase of item or original: to review a follow-up disclosure.


    The place of the custody: The possibility of inventorying any branch/site of what it has of custodies for staff members and responsibility for each staff member and the itinerary of custody.


    Import and export: The possibility of importing details and monitoring the employee's era at the beginning of the system's operation easily by more.


  • Procedures and control of the handover of the Custody to staff :

    Handover of custody to a staff member :

    • This procedure shall be carried out through a request for the payment of a certified custody and the administrative officer hand over the staff member entrusted with the custody by raising a document of the confirmation of receipt of custody to prove the transfer of the possession of the custody from the company to the employee

    • The result is that the program changes the status of the custody from the free to the employee's name, and this will not appear later in receipt of the custody to the employees until it is retrieved to the company.


    Freezing of the valuables of the Custody :

    In some cases, the company wishes not to hand over a private custody, such as (iPhone mobile/luxury cars) to employees and to detain it for some of the company's important officials and not to make it available to the administrative officer.

    Connecting a special custody of posts :

    In some cases, the company wishes to allocate some of the Custody to certain functions, such as the handover of Lap Top's custody to an engineer or accountant only.

    You can introduce more of a kind to the Custody like :

    • Consumed custody : Like the Internet, paper, books and any other truism, the aim is to study the cost of the expendable convenient to rationalize the company's administrative expense clause.

    • The expired custody : The program automatically transfers the custody (when it reaches zero) from the expired Custody.

  • Return of the custody :

    The retrieval of the custody is facilitated by pressure on the return button of the custody and the introduction of the effective retrieval date and the state of the custody at the time of retrieval.
    Through the same screen, a comparison is shown between the state of the custody at the time of receipt and its condition at the time of reception.

  • Reports of the Custody :

    A report through which the custody can be monitored with the employees and the date of its receipt and re-entry.

    A report aimed at the possibility of inquiring about the Custody according to the classification of the custody, state of the custody, the item (custodian), the employee, the date of purchase of the custody, the Serial of the item or the branch.

    Report aimed at controlling the expendable amount of the Custody.

    A report aimed at reaching the custody available to the company or the custody which is delivered to employees at a certain moment.

Custody request

The employee can apply for a custody request by adding his name and categorizing the custody that he wants and its date of delivery then send the request in the accreditation process HRE approval system when the request is finally approved the program sends a notification to the employee that his request is approved and go to the HR employee to receive the custody.


The financial custody asked for

Enjoy the ease of financial compact procedures with HRE through flexible steps as follows :


The financial procedures for the financial pledge begin with the issuance of an application from one of the directors of the company in the various departments for the employee (the recipient of the custody) to receive the amount from the financial department and go to the outside authority, such as the contractor, a government agency. Another to disburse the maintenance, receive approved invoices or receipts from this client and then refer to the financial management to settle the amount of the maintenance.

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