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Company - Administrative structure

Company settings

Our HR program is familiarizing with all relevant information that facilitates the working cycle.


Company's data:

  • Basic data : Name of the company, e-mail, company location, country, city or company logo.

  • Commercial data : The aim of the company, the commercial register number, the tax specialist, the tax number, the insurance number.

  • Insurance data : region, address of office, responsible, legal entity, title.


Company's partners data are recorded from the partner's name, address, card number, job, telephone, mobile, and email to the partner's ratio.


Recording company's data is important ,which is considered to be relied upon by the program.

The branch's location on Google maps is also registered to be used by the program in many of the core staff functions, such as determining the itinerary of the errands and the places of meetings in the branches.


Official holidays:

The program will send a notification by email or a text in case of addition or cancelation the official holidays enjoyed by the staff members.

The company's documents:

The director of the company or the employer, who is outside the company, often needs his photographs of the merchant record, tax card, or access to company documents to make his deal or complete an official transaction.

Now you can see and download all the company's documents and get them at anytime and anywhere

The program allows the registration of expiry dates for these documents and automatically reminds you of the expiration date of these documents for renewal.


HRE provides the highest level of security by dividing them to three levels and from which it can handle and determine the powers to use the functions of each screen (addition, amendment, deletion) according to the function of each employee within your company:

  • Roles

    The program automatically includes four basic powers (the system manager, employee, managers, and employees) as these powers are considered to be the main roles in any of its founders, with the possibility of copying them and granting other powers in line with the system of work within the company.

  • Level of authority :

    The possibility to choose the authority application over the company or branch level.

  • Power on internal screen :
    • The possibility of applying the entry powers (Add - Edit - Delete - Show) at the level of each screen per employee.
    • We have given you the freedom to control the internal screens of the program through some choices from (Add - add, modify and delete - add and modify - display only).
    • Through the recognized colors and symbols of the Dollar, the easy and the plains gave you more assurance.


The possibility of granting powers on some other privileges that exist within the screens from (import, export and save as excel file).


Administrative structure

If you are one of those who seek to build your way in the labour market or expand your field, we are offering you a smooth program to create an administrative structure or a structure for your company's job sites.

From the definitions of the administrative structure :

It is a building that limits its internal parts, so that it contains administrative levels in a hierarchy.

The functional location structure :

It is to consolidate each specialization into one department so that there will be one financial department, one procurement department and one maintenance department. The required branches (organizational structure branches) fall under each department.


Managers are then identified and localized in administrative structures


Assisting you to proper authorization and approvals of applications by controlling the number of approval steps required for each application by the staff's location within the structure.

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