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Shift change and overtime

Substitute Shift request

The employee can apply a substitute shift request by using self-service app in arrange with his direct manager and the request progress passes through credence, in case of approval, the existing request is changed to the new working schedule in the same day

Workings Rules :

Only one substitute shift request applied each day.

In case of cancelling the substitute shift request after it’s approved, the program activates the original shift again.


Add Shift request

The employee or his/her direct manager can apply add shift request as the need for the work by the next according rules :

Add shift on working days :

add shift on working days by taking in consideration the conflict shift rules of attendance to avoid shifts attendance conflict.

Add shift on weekends.

Add shift on vacations.

After applying the request through self-service app, the request passes through accrediation and when it's approved, the app activates the shift as an extra working shift that appears in working schedule.


Time Compensation request

The employee can apply a time compensation request, the request progress passes through credence, in case of approval it’s counted as a regular working day.


Overtime Request

Overtime is calculated in two ways :

For the company to set standards for the method of calculating the overtime and compensation for the shift, and the program automatically transfers the extra hours that the employee spent at work to wages and salaries after calculating the tax factor.

That the employee requests compensation for the overtime, mentions the tasks he has performed and presented them to his manager, and the request goes along the usual chain of approval of requests.
Incase of approval, the program will carry over the additional hours from the approved applications only, and this policy is useful to avoid calculating additional hours for the employee without checking and reviewing the achievements that have been made.

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