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Appraisal Plan

A periodic plan for evaluating employees, whether monthly, annual, quarterly or semi-annually, is defined with the target groups for each evaluation plan and its approval process.

evaluation plan

Appraisal Criteria

Evaluation criteria are entered, for example (appearance - speed of completion of work - tact with the client - flexibility - absence from work). The criterion can be linked to an equation that is calculated automatically, such as the absence criterion. It is linked to an equation that is calculated from attendance and leaving without human intervention in its evaluation.

evaluation criteria

Rating scores

The grades used in the evaluation are entered for each criterion and a grade is entered for each grade.

EX :

Excellent : 5 deg

Very Good : 4 deg

Good : 3 deg

Average : 2 deg

Weak : 1 deg

rating scores

Appraisal Form

A set of criteria such as (absence - appearance - flexibility) is entered into the form and a score for each criterion and the total points in the form is entered. The form is linked to the job because the accountant evaluation criteria differ from the driver's criteria and differ from the salesman criteria, so each employee is evaluated according to his job The form that is linked to the job.

evaluation form

Staff reviews

The program automatically sends evaluation requests to the manager listed in the field of the direct manager assigning the employee, if any, and in the absence of it, it is deduced from the company’s administrative structure. Evaluations are sent in a cycle according to the date listed in the evaluation plan. The employee evaluation form varies according to the job of each employee. Send notifications to the employee with the final result. The employee can be evaluated through the mobile phone or from the web. The employee can also be evaluated before the periodic evaluation date through the Add a new evaluation button, provided that there is no evaluation on the same date.

staff reviews
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