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Request for vacation



We did cancel the boring traditional manual routine work and we provided you storing spaces resulted from archiving previous requests of vacation requests for the employees and accredit the approval on it.

Now you and your team work can make vacation request at anytime and anywhere by using HRE self-service program through the mobile.

When you apply for a vacation request the app displays a wonderful chart that explains the available vacation types and available credit for each type.

Apply for a vacation request : at some companies’ internal regulations, its required to apply for some types of vacation requests to be signed by the employee to get this vacation and in this case the app doesn’t accept to save the vacation request only after uploading its document.


Vacation account summary :

It records everything done of missions and its resources on the vacation account:

  • Vacation request (approved).

  • Cut-off the vacation.

  • Canceling the vacation.

  • Deserved vacation.

  • Assigning extra time for vacation days after accrediting it’s results.

Vacation settings

The holidays are always difficult for HR management. Vacations differ from one country to another and the internal regulations of each company. So HRE program supports all types of vacations whatever the way they are due or calculated.

Types of vacation :

The vacations are divided into two main types: (vacations with a balance, vacations without credit)

an example of some of the recognized vacation supported by the program :


An endless number of vacation types can be added in the program, and the one for each type is determined :

  • Accreditation route :

    Accredit path is determined for each type of vacation shall be established to obtain approvals from the structure.

  • Special preparations :

    Each type of vacation has details to be specified in the program to be taken into account when working on them.

  • Targeted category :

    The possibility of determining the types of vacation of certain employees that appears only for them (job, administration, branch, social situation, religion, military status, gender, qualifications, and nationality).

Procedures for accreditation of the request for vacation :

  • Any manager in the chain of accrediting the application for vacation may approve or reject the application with a comment on the reason for acceptance or refusal.

  • Re-apply the employee to reduce the number of days off or change the starting date of the vacation in accordance with the need for work.

  • Forwarding the application to another manager from outside the track for approval of the request for vacation because of a hindrance.

  • A staff member may apply for vacation in two stages :
    • As the application proceeds on the crediting process, in this case, the application shall be eliminated only..
    • After the final approval of the request, the staff member may apply for vacation. In this case, the program shall add the number of days off to the staff member's balance.

Method of calculation of vacation days:

According to the internal regulation of some companies, weekly rest days such as collection and Saturday may be excluded, as well as official holidays such as holidays and religious events.


If weekly rest days are excluded :

Number of holidays discounted only 5 days.


If the weekly rest days are counted:

The number of holidays discounted is only 7 days.

Day fraction :

Some companies give some special jobs the possibility of permitting a quarter day or a half vacation gained in the beginning of the working day or the end of the working day (day fraction).

Period required applying for vacation :

The least period allowed between the date of submission of the application and the date of starting the vacation, depending on the type of vacation.

Example : A staff member who wishes to take vacation from Sunday, with lesser time to be considered necessary for application on 2 days (working days only).

This advantage is very important in giving opportunities to the directors of the departments in the process of accrediting the application for review and approval or rejection during this period.


Vacation cut-off :

  • If the staff member wishes to be back to work.

  • In the event that the staff member needs to be requested on his or her vacation by the presence of some emergency.

In both cases, the holiday breaks shall be performed during the period of his vacation in this case the program automatically changes the employee's situation to active activity and calculates the break-days' difference and their addition to the vacation balance. This procedure is reflected in the employee's vacation calculation.


The possibility of controlling the number of times to obtain a certain type of vacation and the number of days of vacation per time.


Benefit and deportation of vacation :

The HR manager had to carry out the vacation entitlement process and carry out the remaining balance manually for each staff member at a level that would require considerable time and effort. With HRE program, however, through simple steps, it could do this process to all staff once and without any effort, as the program calculates the balance due (by the type of vacation) and the balance remaining from previous period


Adjustment of vacation :

This is one of the most important measures associated with the employee's vacation, which guarantees the right of the employee and the employer to uphold the law of the State and the internal regulations of the company. The settlement process is divided into the HRE program:

  • First-term balance.

  • Replacement of cash allowance balance.

  • Addition or deduction from the staff member's balance.


Balance of vacation :

The screen was designed to enable the HR manager to review the vacation balances of all staff during the period determined by the user and also to review the details of each staff member's balance.


Vacation plan

Many companies use to set up their annual vacation plan to maintain the company's productive capacity, as they set the limit of the minimum number of staff to be located within each department is provided by HRE program in an easy and simple way.

  • Time period:

    The HR manager will be able to specify more than one period of time for each period of a different vacation plan.

  • Number of staff:

    After determining the time frame, the HR manager shall determine the minimum presence of the staff by (staff/administrator/branch).


The program automatically refuses vacation applications before they are sent if the vacation requests exceed the allowable minimum operating rate for management to maintain the productivity of the company.

Special permissions

It’s an advantage granted for the employee monthly to be able to access the institution after working hours or dismissal before the end of working hours without calculating any penalties.

Special permissions are under subjected to many rules that the institution can prepare it by using HRE program, and that is determined by three elements :

  • Maximum limit of permissions monthly.

  • Maximum limit for the permission time in minutes.

  • Maximum limit for the total permissions in minutes.


The HR manager can determine the elements that affect permitting special permissions on the level of the job or the institution level.

Request for special permission :

The employee can make a special permission request by using self-service app and send it to be accredit HRE approval system, when the request is finally approved the app sends a notification to the employee that his request is approved and highlight the special permission hours with special color in the working schedule, and the permission time is added to the HRE time management that is related to the employee.

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