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Prepare an advance

Staff advances of different types between the management of HR and financial management are readily available to the staff member and officials, so HRE program gives you the full flexibility to determine the types of advances and course of work of each type according to the company's internal regulation.

Advance request :

The human resource officer will receive the advances records of the staff by identifying the employee's name for the advance so that the program shows the staff member's data on which his/her right to request depends on the number of years of work and the monthly salary. (To introduce the value of the required advance and the number of installments to automatically calculate the premium, and when determining the date of the first installment, the program will schedule the installments according to the number of installments.


The relationship of his predecessor to the salary :

HRE program offers an illustrative fee for a gross deduction rate (reemitted - unpaid) of monthly salary within a scale, with the deduction rate automatically changing with the salary and end of the old advances.


Treatment of previous advances :

  • HRE program gives you the advantage of registering expired advances (the archive).

  • They can also enter the previous (non-existing) advances and schedule their premiums with the premiums of the new advances
    Example : A staff member who received his predecessor in the amount of EGP 7000 in a month 3 shall be paid in seven months. A month of six took his other advance in the amount of EGP 2000 paid in two months to be the following installments :


His predecessor's entitlement to the account disclosure :

Upon approval of the application of his predecessor, HRE program shall include the entitlement of his or her predecessor in the employee's account automatically (a creditor) and once the credit for receipt of the advance has been filed, the amount shall be recorded by the program in the employee's account disclosure.


Settlement of the predecessor :

Through HRE program, it can also settle staff advances where a staff member can make or pay a portion of the remaining advance in full through the HR manager.

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