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Linkage with fingerprint machines

Link HRE with fingerprint machine

The program supports the possibility of linking with more than one type of fingerprint machine such as (ZK - Bio star - Nitgen - system max) with different capabilities.


ZKFinger SDK for Windows
ZKFinger SDK Windows can provide support for ZKTeco fingerprint scanners.

    It’s compatible with the following devices :
  • SLK20R
  • ZK series fingerprint scanners, including ZK9500, ZK6500, ZK8500R.
  • The SDK could be work on windows OS, including XP, Vista, Win7, Win8/8.1, Win10, Win11, Windows Server 2008/2022 (32/64 bits) OS.
  • Users could develop PC software to get fingerprint image/template.
  • There are driver, development documents and Demo inside SDK, it will help you to develop.
You can find a list of supported devices from this link : link 1
You can find more technical details about ZKFinger SDK from this link : link 2

The program automatically synchronizes with the fingerprint machine and translates fingerprint movements on the system into working hours, days of duty, hours of delay, additional hours and days of absence.


The possibility of linking fingerprint machines to the program for each branch of the company in different locations of the branches.


The program creates a filter automatically for fingerprint movements and withdraws the first entry movement and the last exit movement for the employee.

The program limits the employee's fingerprint movements and gives a report of forgetting the fingerprint movement, entering or leaving, and the penalty for forgetting the fingerprint.


The program filters the fingerprint movements automatically and ignores the movements entered incorrectly on the fingerprint machine and gives instant reports of the number of employees, attendance, absence, vacation and rest.

The program matches the fingerprint movements of the employee with the shift defined on the system and gives reports of the results of attendance and departure in a brief and detailed manner.

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