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HR Enterprise Software that works on the cloud and mobile to manage employees from the recruitment stage to the stage of leaving the work completely...

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HRE is an integrated cloud-based software suite SaaS, offers functionality to the entire employee lifecycle - from employing to resignation, our integrated solutions,offer tools for time management , costing , payroll, onboarding, tax compliance, attendance, and automated compliance reporting activities.
HRE offers automated attendance tracking . It can also integrate employees payroll information and their actual working hours.
Our solution is suitable for SMEs businesses across various industry verticals.

Company - Structure

  • Data registration
  • Registering partners
  • Registering company branches
  • Marking official holidays
  • Data extraction
  • Set up the permissions
  • Functional structure for each department


  • Approval of requests
  • Linking requests to target groups
  • Create application approval sources
  • Requests submission
  • Take all actions
  • Request not available for managers

Personnel - Contract files

  • Building a database of all jobs
  • Employee data
  • Activate the self-service feature
  • Create all requests
  • Update employee data


  • Leave requests
  • Leave entitlement and carry over
  • Vacation statement
  • Vacations with and without balance
  • Self-service (mobile)
  • Vacation settlement
  • Review vacation balances
  • Vacation plan
  • Break off day
  • Vacation break


  • Establishing dealerships
  • Errand preparation and approval
  • Record the results of the tasks and approve them
  • Requesting traveling tickets
  • Transfer allowance payment request
  • Pre-payment feature for transportation allowances

Administrative decisions

  • Stages of issuing administrative decisions
  • Full archive of administrative decisions
  • Disruption of administrative decisions
  • The possibility of targeting a category for a decision


  • Planning meetings
  • Call a meeting request
  • Record meeting minuites
  • Meetings cancelation


  • Inventory testament and record it in the program
  • Hand over a pledge to the employee
  • The possibility of restoring custody
  • Employee custody reports
  • Custody request
  • Financial custody request

Time management software

  • Share the agenda
  • Suggest time
  • View employee's agenda
  • Reviewing agenda of each employee
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