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Approval of applications

Path of approval

Unleash your imagination to establish any accreditation cycle for requests and you can achieve this with HRE application accreditation system that simplifies the accreditation stages and reduces the pressure from the cumbersome manual appropriations.

You can design an accreditation cycle for the types of applications by determining the number of approvals, starting from the location of the applicant(s) in the company's administrative structure or function.

Example: Number of approvals 2 approvals


Sources of requests types :


Link between types of requests and the target groups :

The purpose of this advantage is to conceal certain types of requests for certain employees, according to the criteria of the target groups for each type which includes (a branch, function, administration, nationality, sex, social situation, qualification, military situation, religion).


Establishment of sources of accreditation :

  • Choice of structure type

  • Number of approvals from structure

  • Number of senior management approvals determined

  • The possibility of activating a characteristic (the application must be uploaded) and this characteristic when it is activated, the request will be sent only after the original of the document has been submitted.


Accreditation of requests

Directors need quick, easy and modern ways to review requests from staff members in a few minutes for appropriate action.

All types of applications, such as leave, commands, special authorizations, advances, administrative decisions, personnel letters, data update, tickets, additional time assignment, shall be shown in addition to each application series showing Badge in red. Within it, the number of applications pending with the Director in his or her sequence in the process of approving applications is shown.


The Director can view applications in all detail and take appropriate action for each application through available procedures:

  • ApprovalImage Approval :

    Upon approval, the application shall be sent by the program to the next manager on track, depending on the preparations. If the manager at the end of the series, the status of the application shall change to certified. Notification shall be given to the staff member of the acceptance of his application.

  • ApprovalImage Refusal :

    If the manager has denied the request, the reason will be stated and the program, the employee will be notified by the rejection

  • ApprovalImage Refer to the staff member :

    Sometimes the Director requests that some statements amended by the application to be alligned with the work regulations for approval. In this case, the request is due to the staff member to amend it and resend it to the credit chain.

  • ApprovalImage Presenting to a director :

    In case of a need to meet a manager who wasn't in the chain of the track, the request will be sent to him for reviewing and signing, either by accepting or rejecting

  • ApprovalImage Add a comment with procedure :

    The possibility of recording comments on applications to serve as a statement and a catalyst for the procedure. This comment is available only to the managers and is not seen by the staff member.


Request not available to managers

This advantage is given in the case of a manager's desire both in senior management and in the different departments according to the administrative structure.

The company may request a specified time when it is not available to approve applications from employees whether they are on or outside working time.


The program shall remove the unavailable manager from the application approval chain and pass the application to the next manager in the series.


Or the unavailable manager can assign a replacement person to approve the applications onbehalf of him/her to have all powers of rejecting or accepting those requests.


The manager can stop the service of being unavailable at any time and return to have his authority of approving the applications without requiring the entire period.

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