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Meetings and its result

Planning for the meeting :

This stage precedes the meeting, and several important steps must be prepared :

  • what
    • Theme of the meeting : The objective of the meeting.
    • Meeting agenda : Agenda to be prepared during the meeting.

  • who
    • Coordinator : Identification of the Director responsible for convening the meeting.
    • Invited : Identify the audience to attend, whether they are employees of the company or outside.

  • when
    • Time : It is to determine the appropriate time for all parties to attend, automatically using the option of "suggested duration button" that gives appropriate suggestions, consistent with the agenda of all the invitees.

  • where
    • Place of meeting : Select and organize the conference room, whether inside or outside the company

Call to request a meeting :

  • In this move, an application is made to attend the meeting and register what, when, where, who

  • The meeting time is then determined and the program will make proposals for the earliest time selected in accordance with the time of the applicants.

  • The topics, the names of the speakers and the time of each meeting is identified.

  • After reviewing all preparations for the meeting, the meeting will be activated and time reserved on the schedule of the staff invited to the meeting

Then HRE sends a notice of attendance to invite gentlemen, whether staff members or externally, by e-mail or text messages

Registration of the outcome of the meeting :

After the conclusion of the meeting, the outcome of the meeting shall be recorded and shall include important statements as follows :

  • The program records all the names of the invitees, showing the participants, abscents and those who appologized.

  • Recording the actual time for the start and end of the meeting.

  • Writing the record within the program through the "Html Editor", or a copy of the meeting record and its recommendations through scanning.


Apology for the meeting :

The meetings to which the staff member was invited appear through the apology screen for the meeting, where the reason for the apology is recorded from the list chosen by the staff member and explained in the note.

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