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Complaints and penalties


Complains service should be available for the employees by the help of HR managers to keep good work environment between the owner or the manager and employees. For solving the reported problems and providing solutions in suitable time like (complain from employee / complaint from manager / complain from administrative decision / complaint from taken action / other complains).


There are three shortcuts :

  • Complain type :

    you have to determine the complaint type whether (complain / grievance / inquiry) because each type has different path in paths screen.

  • Complaint against :

    possibility to choose a complaint against employee in the company or the branch, complaint against manager, complaint against action taken against you.

  • Describe the complaint:

    it’s a text field that you can tell and explain whatever you want (reason from complaint).


Grievance against the decision :

Possibility of grievance against administrative decision as it appears to you in all administrative decisions (effects on the decision) the number of grievances against this decision and the number of approval.



To tighten surveillance and control of employees, appropriate penalties must be imposed to correct and correct behaviors that contravene the company's regulations and instructions.


HRE provides you with two penalties systems for a staff member :

  • Regulations:

    In this system, the penalty is counted in an upward system when the type of offence is mentioned, such as smoking in the workplace (the first time is a warning and if the violation is repeated for the second time, it escalates to a quarter of the penalty days and so on until it reaches the fourth time. The number of penalties days may be changed to the discretion of the HR manager.

    The company's penalties regulations are defined and there are a number of times the violation and the penalty are repeated. The right one every time. With the possibility of importing this list from Excel for eases and speed data establishment.


    Classifications of penalties such as time violations, violations of the labor regime, violations of the worker's conduct and investigation violations are performed; in the event of the selection of a classification of the above in the penalties screen, the violations relating to the classification appear to us. If the offence needs to be investigated. When selected, penalties are linked to meetings in order to maximize the outcome of the meetings in the course of the investigation.

  • Point system:

    In this system, the number of points discounted according to the regulations for the breach and which cannot be altered appears in the field and shall be deducted from the balance of the staff member due at the beginning of the appointment.

    The program shall conduct a monthly review of the points interrupted by the staff member so that, if the staff member does not exceed a certain number of intermitted points, the automatic replacement shall be made by a certain number of points defined by the company's regulation in the database.


    The maximum number of days of punishment may be fixed throughout the month, and no more than one offence may be worked on the same day for the same staff member.


Request for a sanction on a staff member :

Such a screen shall be available only to managers or those entitled to sanctions, and the programme, when selecting the same type of offence within the time limit for repetition, automatically makes the appropriate upward sanction, after final approval, notice shall be sent to the staff member.

Changes in the escalation of sanctions:

  • Type of violation

  • Time for repetition

  • Staff member

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