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Special permission

It’s a monthly advantage granted for the employee to access the enterprise after or before the working hours, without any penalties.

Special permissions are subjected to many rules that can be prepared by using HRE program, and that is determined by three elements :

  • Maximum limit of permissions monthly.

  • Maximum limit for the permission time in minutes.

  • Maximum limit for the total permissions in minutes.


The HR manager can determine the elements that affect permitting special permissions on the level of the job or the institution level.

Request for special permission :

The employee can make a special permission request by using self-service app and send it to be accredit HRE approval system, when the request is finally approved the app sends a notification to the employee that his request is approved and highlight the special permission hours with special color in the working schedule, and the permission time is added to the HRE time management that is related to the employee.

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