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Paying employees' dues

Paying employees' dues

The HR manager bears responsibility for Paying employees' dues like (salary - advances - reward... etc.) And save the papers that prove these transactions - the Archives - and so HRE program provides you with all types of Dues to employees and for each entitlement of its own form.

How to work on the Paying employees' dues screen :

After determining the basic data on the screen such as (name of staff member, amount paid ...). Etc. User printing the acknowledgement for signature by the staff member and then the user will file the entitlement again to enable him or her to send and approve the entitlement, and the user cannot send the entitlement without lifting it after the staff member's signature.

  • Paying his predecessor's entitlement :

    Once the application for the predecessor has been certified, the program shall automatically add the value of the advance on the receipt certificate screen so that the responsible official determines the amount paid from his or her advance and once the document has been lifted, the employee's account will be affected.

  • Pre-payment :

    Some companies shall pay an advance payment to the employee under the calculation of the moveable allowance. Once the receipt document is lifted, the disclosure of the employee's account in the negative shall be affected.

  • Salary :

    This arduous process, which is performed periodically, the responsible staff member can easily be accomplished by Payment of salary entitlement in HRE program, where it can print the entitlement statement in full of all the staff member's required data automatically without having to write them manually and also the automatic impact on the employee's account disclosure.


The effect of disbursing employee entitlements on the employee account statement :

Once the accrual payment is raised and sent, the HRE program automatically affects the employee's account statement for each accrual type in the credit field.

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