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Time management program

Employee agenda for managers

The fact that you must realize is that the quality of productivity is essentially the result of its efficient and professional management of time. The clear relationship between time and production in the minds of the staff member and the manager leads to the desired outcome.

The main objective of HRE is to maximize staff time using modern and non-traditional high-tech tools


The manager can easily review and follow up on all matters relating to the staff member that affect the time and part of which are deducted, such as: holidays of all kinds -- special authorizations -- in-house and external meetings -- office functions -- additional time. This is through effective tools for time management :

Participation of the Agenda (Share calendar) :

Through the possibility of sharing the agenda of the staff member (Share Calendar), the Director is able to familiarize himself/herself with the staff agenda for the distribution of work according to the time available to each staff member. The staff member shall be fully confidential on his or her agenda and no other staff member shall be able to consult the table unless he or she is allowed to participate.

Time proposal :

The Program shall propose the appropriate time for a meeting of its own time for a group of staff members in an intelligent and new manner, searching for the earliest appropriate date available to all staff and also reserve and monitor this time on the agenda if it is activated and adopted.

In order for the manager to operate the staff member efficiently, it is necessary to know what affects the staff member's time and which includes :

  • TimeManagementImage Vacations

  • TimeManagementImageExternal Errands

  • TimeManagementImageInside/outside meetings

  • TimeManagementImageSpecial permissions

  • TimeManagementImageOffice functions

The program reviews a schedule of work for a staff member/staff group as follows :

  • Presentation of the agenda with one staff member (meeting schedule calendar)

    Here the Director can review the agenda of each staff member for the day - week - month.


  • Presentation of the agenda with a group of staff (Meeting schedule calendar)

    Here the Director can review the agenda of each staff per week.

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