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Attendance Login

Attendance Login

By using HRenterprise app through mobile phone, each employee can login his/her attendance without the need to use fingerprint device for health safety.

  • The app locates the current location for the employee and compares it to the company location by using (GPS Location) in consideration of company space limits and the branch that he/she working for.

  • The app searches for the outside errand requests if it’s found and concludes the errand location of the registered clients then compares it to the current location of the employee.

  • Each employee can login his/her attendance easily, just to click the suitable icon for his job.

  • The app displays all attendance process that happened daily whether it was outside errands or attendance inside company.

Summary Attendance Results :

The employee by using self-service sees his/her whole summary attendance results whether through mobile or desktop

the results include perfect dash board displays the next data :

Forget to sign
  • The number of days you forgot to sign
  • Total penalty in days
Early dismissal
  • Number of early dismissal days
  • Total dismissal hours after applying the list
Late attendance
  • Number of Late attendance days
  • Late attendance hours after counting the deduction
Days of discipline
  • Number of working days
  • Total Days of discipline attendance
Extra Time
  • Number of days for extra time
  • Total number of counted extra hours
  • Total number of absence days without permission

Time Attendance Reports :

The employee can, through wonderful reports of attendance, know all the details that he does during the month and follow up on what he does while using the site frequently :


A wonderful art-drawn report that reviews the attendance time and draws an icon next to each time to illustrate the source of the time recorded: fingerprint machine, appeal request, mobile registration for GPS location and the report explains the type of action: shift work, errand, and break.

Planned Shifts

This report shows the schedule of estimated work schedules (to be performed by the employee) and next to each day an icon is drawn to illustrate the type of shift: a fixed shift (compulsory), an additional shift resulting from the approval of a request for adding a shift, and a substituted shift resulting from the approval of a change request.

Delays Report

A monthly report shows the days in which the employee was late for attending and the report takes in consideration the beginning hour of the daily shift and the processing of special morning permissions and breaks then calculates the deducted value by applying the list of delays.

Errands and Working Days

An important monthly report that displays working days only and excludes rest days, holidays, vacations and absences. The report displays all the errands as well as the main or substituted and additional shifts.

Days Log

A wonderful monthly report that displays all the days of the month and shows what was calculated in the program for each day. The report draws next to each day an icon that has meaning

Extra Time

A monthly report that displays extra time of early attendance or late dismissal and count points for that.


This report shows the days in which the employee was absent without getting an approval from the balance.

Appeal Request

It’s a request the employee apply when he/she forgets to login his/her attendance through self-service app or when there is a technical problem while registration.

The employee can register the request then send it through HRenterprise for self-service, in case of request accepted the app updates attendance real hours as for the registered time in appeal request

Required data for applying the appeal request :

The employee who applied the request

Date and time of applying the request

Actual date and time for attendance

Reason of the appeal request

The appeal request is applied also for errands, in case you had an errand outside and forgot to sign up your attendance in the section that you are working for.


Request Requirements :

You cannot apply more than one request throughout each dayم.

Applied appeal requests are under consideration of the HR Manager.

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